General Assistance

Cornish General Assistance is a resource available to aid a person or family living in Cornish who is experiencing hardship and is unable to manage their basic living needs on their own. Prior to seeking assistance from G.A. one needs to have applied for aid with fuel and electric assistance through Southwestern Community Services  and food stamps through the State of New Hampshire  Cornish G.A eligibility is evaluated through an application process based on income and essential basic expenses guidelines. (Example housing, fuel, electric) If one meets the criteria for assistance it can only be given for current bills or needs Whether eligible for assistance or not, General Assistance has a wealth of resources that are available that may help guide or provide direction to people in being better able to manage their essential needs. We in Cornish are very fortunate to have community members, special funds, and organizations that also help support those it our community that need a helping hand. Neighbor’s helping Neighbors, Volunteer’s in Action, Aging in Place and United Church of Cornish are a few of such organizations. For more information please contact Pam Annis General Assistance Director 603-542-3781, committee members Nancy Newbold at 603-675-2394 or Marie Derush at 603-558-0391