Aging In Place In Cornish

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Cornish Aging in Place is a local volunteer committee dedicated to providing information and resources to elders who wish to remain in their homes with dignity, comfort and safety for as long as possible.

The Aging in Place movement is nationwide and beyond, as assisted living facilities and nursing homes become more and more expensive, and therefore economically inaccessible to many people. Many neighboring towns have programs up and running and more are on the way. It is anticipated that Aging in Place will be the most effective and economical way to provide services to our growing aging population. However, its effectiveness depends not only upon county and state programs, but upon committed local volunteers as well.

Our Cornish committee has created a Resources for Elders booklet that provides a great deal of helpful information to our senior residents and their families. It lists the many services available in our area, and include information on cost-saving prescription drug plans available through local pharmacies. Our goal is to make this booklet available to every Senior in town. Please click here to explore our Resources for Elders booklet.

Aging in Place works very closely with our Neighbor to Neighbor organization, a wonderful group of volunteers who continue to assist elders and disabled Cornish residents who need occasional help with simple projects or services. Each year the Neighbor to Neighbor group organizes a winter wood project where several cords of donated wood are cut and split and then given to families in economic need. Those who wish to join our Neighbor-to-Neighbor group should contact Laird Klinger, coordinator, and all are welcome to join us for our breakfast meeting on the first Wednesday of each month. Participation is a wonderful and very rewarding way to help meet the needs of our senior neighbors here in town.

Working together with Neighbor to Neighbor, Volunteers in Action and our General Assistance Department, Aging in Place remains dedicated to providing resources, information and services to individuals who need our help in order to remain in their homes for as long as possible.

It takes many volunteers and caring individuals to successfully accomplish our goals. Our deepest thanks and appreciation to all who willingly give their time, financial support and services to make this possible. It is this spirit of caring and community that will keep our town vital and strong.

Connie Kousman
Martha Zoerheide
Nancy Newbold
Leigh Callahan
Reigh Sweetser
Carol Rennie
Laura Cousineau
Jan Lord
Liz Gage