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oug Brown, Upper Valley Land Trust, led a hike in Cornish to measure a large White Pine, located on Dingleton Hill, to see if it was the largest White Pine in Sullivan Country. Although not the largest the hike and measuring was enjoyed by about 40 folks from Cornish and surrounding towns. Pictures above show some of the group watching the measuring process, Joanna Sharf helping Dode Gladders, County Forester, measure the circumference and Patty Heath talking about the history of the tree.


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On 11/7/15 Doug Brown (orange vest above), from the Upper Valley Land Trust, organized a hike on the recently conserved Lipfert property off Rte. 12A in Cornish. The 20+ people crossed the Lipfert property on wonderful trails and then went to the high point in the abutting Cornish Town Forest. Bill Lipfert (red checkered jacket) gave us a great historical background of the property, including the original Bolloch’s Farm Sugar House (c1940’s), during the hike. The conservation easement allows for public access and the Lipfert’s invite the public to come and enjoy this wonderful piece of land.


Dale Rook and Bill Gallagher who along with Jim Barker collected water samples from 10 stream locations in Town for testing.