Town Cemetery

Cemetery Department

Thomas Spaulding, Cemetery Sexton



  • The purchase of a cemetery lot authorizes the owner the RIGHT TO INTER human remains within the boundaries. No other rights are granted except as explicitly stated in these rules. Title to the real estate remains with the town.
  • The RIGHT TO INTER shall be sold to Cornish residents only.
  • No lots will be transferred without the written authorization by the original purchaser.
  • All lot sales include regular maintenance.
  • Lots shall be sold in the following size:
  • 4X12 (one full burial or up to 4 cremations depending upon urn size) $200.00
  • 4 corner stones will be purchased at the same time a lot is purchased. $25.00/each. Corner stones shall be set as time allows by the Cemetery Department.
  • Lots shall be sold in cemeteries or, sections of cemeteries that have not been officially closed.
  • Ledge, large boulders, or mature trees may reduce the capacity of a lot. The owner may ask the Cemetery Sexton to have these items removed. If they agree, the owner must pay for the work in advance. The owner may instead choose to accept the reduction in size and/or capacity or choose another lot within the cemetery.


  • The signed interment order and payment must be received by the Cemetery Sexton.
  • All interments, including cremations, shall be done under the supervision of Cemetery Sexton or their designee.
  • Full burials must be covered by a cemetery vault.


  • Monument installation shall be by the owner’s contractor under the supervision of the Cemetery Sexton.
  • Only one above ground monument shall be installed on a cemetery lot. Additional flush markers may be installed to mark full burials. Flush markers are required above each cremation.
  • Above ground monuments shall be mounted on a suitable foundation.
  • All monuments shall fit within the footprint of the lot.
  • Monuments are subject to the approval of the Cemetery Sexton.


  • The planting of live plants is limited to an area of 12 inches in front of the above ground monument.
  • Changing the surface of a lot is not permitted.
  • The planting of shrubs, or any above ground structure, must be approved by the Cemetery Sexton.
  • The Cemetery Sexton or their designee are authorized to remove any item which may have deteriorated, or is deemed a safety hazard for maintenance workers. (i.e.: mowing)
  • All live or non live items will be removed from the cemeteries during fall clean up.
  • All plants and shrubs must be kept trimmed.


  • Vehicles not involved with cemetery operations are restricted to the roadways.
  • There will be no winter or early spring interments (when the ground is frozen, or too wet)
  • Exceptions to rules may be made on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Cemetery Sexton.

For information regarding State Cemetery Laws, please go to: