Click here for access to the Catalog of the Cornish Historical Society.

The Society collection, on School Street, is a rich resource for our town, especially the school community, and for anyone wishing to learn about Cornish history. In the database. click on control f to search the collection. The database will continue to be updated and revised. For questions about the database or for access to the collection, contact Laird Klingler at 603-675-6448,, or Steve Bobin at 603-675-5513,



    Because of the technical expertise supplied by Matt Wood, the Cornish Historical Society has taken its old VHS tapes, converted them into digital format, and uploaded them to YouTube for viewing.  And now Billy Sharff will be filming new interviews as part of our Film-Interview Project.
    They can be reached via Google, but YouTube is the preferred approach.  Go to YouTube and for search enter cornish historical society – cornish, nh or use this link:  click here  You may also subscribe to the site and be notified when new uploads are made.
    Most recent additions include interviews with Jim and Regina Barker, Merilynn Bourne, Jim Fitch-Martha Zoerheide, Charles Platt, John and Polly Rand, Scott and Lee Baker, Connie Kousman, Peter Burling, Jim Atkinson, Grace Buckeley, Bernice Johnson-Helen Lovell, George and Jill Edson, SteveTaylor, Dale Lawrence, Peter and Caroline Storrs,  a talk by Lew and Ginny Gage on the Civil War given at a Society meeting in 2001,  a tour of the Society’s Exhibit at the Town Office(filmed by Matt Wood) and interviews with Nancy Wightman, Calvin Monroe, Old Home Day, 2005 with Helen Lovell, Ruth Rollins, and featuring Heidi Jaarsma on piano, and Bill Noble on Cornish Gardens(Saint-Gaudens, Northcote, and Platt House) at the former Storrs home.
     As part of the Film-Interview Project, interviews with Stuart & Mauri Hodgeman and Judy & Dale Rook have already been added.  Billy Sharff is doing the filming and Matt Wood is doing the uploading to YouTube.
    Here’s what we also have from old VHS tapes:  Mike Yatsetitch interviewed by Bernice Johnson; interview of Fred Sullivan and Duane Allen; Women of Cornish led by Bernice Johnson;  One Room Cornish School Houses led by Linda Fuerst; Haldimand Sumner Putnam by Jim Atkinson and Lew Gage;  Native Americans, in Cornish, by Mark Humpal; Woodrow Wilson’s Link to Cornish by Laird Klingler, interviews of Frank Hawkins, Myrtle Feary and Rose Nelson, talk on Nathan Smith, and reopening of Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge.  The Yatseritch-Johnson film, the first one uploaded, has already been viewed close to two hundred times.
    We are anxious to add to this collection.   If anyone else in the community has tapes we can borrow, please contact Laird Klingler at or 675-6448, or Steve Bobin at or 675-5513.

    We also would like to conduct new interviews.  If anyone has recommendations for people to be interviewed, please contact us.


CHS has also mounted, with the approval of the Select Board, an exhibit at the Town Office, Second Floor.  The collection on School Street focuses on art, history(past history), and the Cornish Colony.  As a supplement, the exhibit at the Town Office has a theme of more current history and showcases items relevant to persons presently living in the town.  But there is a blend of old and new.  Click here for a listing of items on display at the Town Office.

 At the Exhibit are two special photographic albums.  The first is The Palmer Collection at Saint-Gaudens:  Homes in Cornish and Plainfield.  The photographs were taken by Tom Palmer, brother of William Palmer, for the 1985 Saint-Gaudens exhibition entitled “A Circle of Friends-Art Colonies of Cornish and Plainfield.”  The photographs were scanned at Saint-Gaudens by Steve Bobin, and now the digital images have been uploaded to this site.  To see the photographs, click here.  The second album is entitled Old Photographs of Cornish Homes and Buildings, taken from photographs in the CHS collection. It is also available electronically at the town website  by clicking here

Another collection is titled “With Elmer  Wood  Bartlett on Dingleton Hill.”  Cheston and Nancy Newbold took the glass slides done by Bartlett and converted them into digital images and photographs.  The photographs are in an album at the CHS Exhibit, Second floor, Town    Office.  We have also made the digital images available;  a sample is available by clicking        here.  This is a large file and  will depend on the speed of your internet connection.                  

 All of the photographs are contained in albums at the Exhibit, Second Floor, Town Office.


Included in our collection is the diary of William Balloch. William Balloch lived in Cornish from 1820 to 1893 and kept a diary of his everyday life. For a transcript of his diary visit our Balloch Diaries page.