MeetinghouseMeetinghouse Trustees
Caroline Storrs, Chairperson
Sue Chandler, Secretary
George Edson, Treasurer
Jim Smith, Clock Winder

The Meetinghouse continues to be used by the Farmer’s Market, the Town for the Memorial Day service and other local events. To use the Meetinghouse for an event, please call Caroline Storrs at 675-9376 for details.

THE CORNISH 250 BOOK IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE A new visually rich history of the Town of Cornish, covering the past fifty years. Full color. Hardcover The price is only $25. They make wonderful graduation, wedding, birthday and holiday gifts. Available at the Town Clerk’s office and the Cornish Historical Society History Center. For mail order, send a check made out to: CORNISH MEETINGHOUSE FUND c/o George Edson 65 Clark Camp Road Cornish, NH 03745 For orders requiring shipping, please add $6 per book. For more information, please call 603-675-2030 or 603-542-7688

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