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CREA stands for Cornish Recreation and Education Area. It contains 77 acres located on South Parsonage Road and Townhouse Road across from the Cornish Elementary School. Its close proximity to the Cornish School and the Cornish Fairgrounds makes it a valuable resource for the Town of Cornish.

CREA’s many habitats include hemlock/hardwood/pine forests, meadows/hay fields, streams, and one of the largest wetlands in Cornish. There are baseball and soccer fields that are used primarily by the school for their sports programs. Trails have been developed for light recreation such as walking, snowshoeing, x-country skiing and wildlife viewing. The entire area is used for environmental studies by the school. A footbridge on one of the trails, and a viewing platform and blind on the edge of the wetland, allow for close up observation of the stream and wetland. The trails have not been built for motorized vehicles.

1912 Elmhurst Barn

1912 Elmhurst Barn

CREA’s 1912 Elmhurst Barn has been preserved, due to the efforts of a Barn Committee, which was formed to raise funds and oversee the project. It is ready to support recreational and educational activities. Boy Scouts of America Troop 332 frequently use CREA for many of its projects. The Cornish Fair Association uses CREA for parking and other activities during its annual Cornish Fair held in August.

The Select Board has the responsibility for maintaining the area.

The CREA Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the selectmen. They are available to assist the selectmen with questions and/or issues that might arise. They also assist with the planning and carrying out of maintenance plans. The committee is appointed by the selectmen with input from the CREA Committee. The committee meets 4 times a year in January, April, July, and October.